Monday, June 25, 2012

Entry from office: All about Toncet!

Dear blog,

Sorry for not updating for quite some time..for the past few months it has been very exciting life for me..from the day that my daughter was born, she's the first priority..she's my other husband falls number 2 now! haha..but, anyway, i'm updating now..

Why the topic is like that..because normaly i cant update blog from my office's pc..tak tahu somehow, ter hack ke hapa, suddenly bleh plak..haha..i'm feeling so bored actually..mind is at home..thinking about si kecik toncet tu..who is TONCET..? she's my daughter la..why toncet? because of her tocang! apa lah dia tengah buat ngan nek wan nya..guess tengah makan kot..her meal for today is brown rice+sweet potato and later in the late afternoon will be carrot+sweet potato..she loves it so much! yes! its homemade food! She starts her first solid food since she was 5, she's 6 months and 3weeks..i cooked myself..eemm, not really cook actualy..because its just steam & i dont think it should be called cooking at all haha..

Speaking about homemade baby food, meaning, it will involve freezing & keeping stock for some time..but for me one week should be fine..not more than that! for mak2 or orang2 tua it maybe so weird giving freezed food to a baby..i told them its just a method of food storage..just like we keep our fish/meet in the fridge then we thaw before we cook, same method, nothing weird..its better, compared to the cereal etc, that we dont even know how it was processed..i dont blame them, they are not exposed, so, maafkan mereka..i guess its better for me to explain rather they make their own prediction..

If other moms prefer 'ready made/processed food' for their baby, I prefer to cook..seriously it was so worth! if i met/chatting with other moms, talking about our child, when comes to baby solid food i always advised them to do the same..i sometimes feels like i'm a baby's nutrition expert..haha..yes! people could described me as 'fussy mom' but i dont care! i want the best for my the way, in the next few days i will start introduce protein meal to her..owh, finally i really cook for my toncet!

Toncet latest pic will be updated in the next entry ya! till then..bye!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6 months old Amani..!!

Hari ni Amani genap 6 bulan..equal to setengah tahun..wah, dah makan tahun dah besar sangat nihh..hehe..Sekarang Amani dah ada 2 gigi..tapi still pendek lagi..walaupun pendek tajamnye yang hamat hokay...mahu putus tau..!! Ni pic Amani the latest >>>

Mula2 bolayan la..

Ceh..selamba je..

Masih tak layan...

Dah mula amik mood...

Dah start dahh...

Tanpa segan siluuuu tersengihhh...

Ha hamik kauuuu...

Hahaha control cun la plakkk..

Last but not least.......

Mama pun nak interfere jugak..:P 

Okay till then..jumpa lagi..:)